Published on 03/26/2018 11:37 am
Advantages of Gas Fire Pits

With the summer season just around the corner outdoor gatherings are something to look forward to. Relaxing around a gas fire pit kits  with family and friends in your own backyard space will certainly help  you to unwind after a long day. With a large variety of outdoor fire  pits and fire pit kits available you can truly create your own personal  design. Gas fire pits should definitely be at the top of your want list  due to ease, safety, and cleanliness.  Here are the more comprehensive  details laid out for you:


Gas Fire Pits are less maintenance:Wood-burning  fire pits have a sort of Arcadian appeal; however, if you are looking  for something less primitive and messy, a gas fire pit is a worthy  suitor. With a wood burning fire you must add wood, earnestly light and  tend to the flame, and then once extinguished with water, you’re left  with a mess of ash, soot, and black film that must cleaned after each  use. Exterior gas fire pits fueled by natural gas or propane are match  or electronically lit, do not require cleaning after every use, and will  not leave black scum on your terrace or other exterior living space. If  you enjoy the luxury of modern convenience, a gas fire is the wise  choice.



You can design your own gas fire pit:  Outdoor fire pit inserts provide you with everything you need to create  your own DIY* project including the burner, pan, flex line, and key  valve. All that is left to do is create your own design to house it.  Whether it’s placed on your porch, patio or backyard, a fire pit is  essential to your outdoor living.

*Gas fire pit kits can  be easily installed but it is always recommended to use a certified  installer or plumber to make any gas connections or to run gas lines.


They are safer: Unlike  wood-burning fire pits, a gas burner will not discharge hot sparks or  ash into the air which are a potential fire risk if they ignite nearby  debris. Electronic ignition fire pit kits come with built-in safety  features, one being a continuous flame. For example, if the wind blows  out the flame the fire will automatically re-light itself rather than  leaking gas into the air.Some  municipality codes, especially in a commercial setting, require a dial  timer and emergency shut off switch which may be connected to your  electronic ignition feature.

They’re eco-friendly:  Air-quality is an important concern in most urban areas. Here in the  Salt Lake Valley emissions are especially restricted because of our  geography and drier climate. On no-burn days a person cannot enjoy their  wood burning fire pit, but with natural gas or propane,which generate  little to no emissions,this is not a problem. With a gas fire pit you  can feel good about doing your part to be green and protect the  environment.


They’re visually appealing: Today  gas fire pits are available in a wide array of designs, shapes, and,  styles including steel, aluminum, concrete, brick, or stone; and yet, if  you can’t find the perfect fire pit, as mentioned previously, it’s  quite easy to design your own with a fire pit kit.  Since wood-fired  fireplaces leave unattractive remains, you may need to forfeit the  visual appeal for functionality; nevertheless, with a gas-driven  fireplace, you can emphasize on what looks best for your exterior living  area. Fire glass, ceramic or steel logs, or rocks are used solely with  gas fireplaces and offer a distinctive look and striking representation  of light, particularly in the dark.


Find high-quality gas fire pit kits  online at Yard Couture. Create your very own one-of-a-kind fire pit by  using our gas fire pit kits that are durable, corrosion and rust  resistant. For help feel free to reach us at (385) 743-9273.

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